Healthcare is a human right and the state legislature must do everything in its power to ensure this is a reality. We must be laser-focused at the state level on expanding access to affordable insurance, finding ways to lower the cost of prescription drugs, and improving the care Pennsylvanians get.

The adultBasic insurance program provided insurance to 40,000 low-income working Pennsylvanians before it was cut by Governor Corbett — let’s find a way to bring it back.  We must more thoroughly investigate a Medicaid Buy-in program so that individuals can buy-in to Medicaid that may not currently qualify — this could give many Pennsylvanians the opportunity to have good health insurance. 

People should not need to ration the pharmaceutical drugs that keep them alive and functioning.  I support HB 2212, or the  The Prescription Drug Affordability Act, which would establish a bipartisan oversight board that will investigate high-cost drugs and establish limitations on how much Pennsylvanians pay at the pharmacy.

When we send our loved ones to the hospital we expect they will get the care and attention they need to regain their health.  Right now, 55% of nurses say that staffing levels were always or often inadequate — this is unacceptable.  I support HB 1500 which established safe staffing ratios.

Other policy areas that I hope to address are bettering the availability of mental health resources to combat addiction, improving access to dental care, and ending surprise medical billing.