I have lived in the Susquehanna Valley for 50 years beginning when I was hired to teach English at Selinsgrove High School.  I transferred to the Middle School when it opened and taught 8th grade Language Arts and then was the school librarian.

I know what it’s like to face 30 students every 45 minutes and try to engage their interest in learning about everything from dangling participles to the 4 major conflicts in literature and at the same time try to figure out how to reach that one student who really just doesn’t want to be there.

I left teaching in 1987 to work for the Pennsylvania Education Association as a field Representative covering Snyder, Union, Mifflin, Clinton and part of Lycoming Counties.  I represented and advocated for all members from cafeteria workers to School Psychologists. I bargained contracts, acted as advocate in grievance arbitration and was an expert witness on school finance in fact findings and Act 88 arbitration. I understand the issues facing Pennsylvania schools that experience the 2nd greatest funding disparity between the richest and poorest districts. I have seen the effects of the decreasing state funding for public education especially in putting an added burden on local taxpayers to make up the difference.

I know the residents of both Snyder and Union Counties either as former students, fellow educators or current friends and neighbors.I came here for a job opportunity but found a home.

As your representative I would bring maturity, vast life experience and knowledge about the hard working people of the 85thand will listen to their concerns and try to find solutions that make living in the 85th a place where children get an education that prepares them for whatever path they choose to take in the future, where people can support their families, feel a sense of community and where each person can rely on their representative to try to do the best to represent their interests in Harrisburg.

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