September 11

Some moments in our lives are indelibly etched in our memory. Like so many Americans, September 11, 2001, is one of those moments. I was in Canada at the time and had stopped to visit a small shop. When I spoke to the woman running the store she immediately asked if I was from the States, hurriedly telling me, “Something terrible has happened.”

I will never forget the overwhelming horror and the fear I felt for my country as I, and millions of others, rushed to the nearest TV unable to look away. Then we learned about Shanksville and The Pentagon, driving an ever deepening sense of dread. With tears blurring our vision, we heard of the incredible bravery of the first responders who rushed back in to rescue those trapped in the buildings. We heard of the fight the passengers on Flight 93 put up in a last ditch effort against the hijackers, and we listened to stories from countless people whose lives were forever changed in an instant.

When I finally returned home, I saw flags flying and people united not just in their bewildered grief, but in their love of our country.

Today we still mourn, we still remember and as I write this, we still weep.