In response to The Atlantic article.

Confirmed by multiple outlets and sources from across the political spectrum, the shocking editorial from Jeffrey Goldberg via The Atlantic is alarming and disgusting. Our President has called active duty soldiers and veterans of our Armed Forces “losers” and “suckers”. This is hardly surprising- his remarks on Senator John McCain and the Khan family are well documented.

My brother wasn’t a “loser” for serving this country, he was a patriot. My father wasn’t a “sucker,” he was a soldier. Support for our troops isn’t political– it’s personal.

It is now more clear than ever before that our current Commander-in-Chief isn’t fit for office. Our local representative, who earlier decried remarks from our governor as anti-veteran, is now resoundingly silent. For our elected officials to abstain from denouncing these statements while claiming righteous patriotism when convenient is hypocritical and disingenuous.