Response to Rep Rowe’s Post

Earlier today, in light of a nearby heartbreaking outbreak in Milton that has already claimed 13 loved ones and has infected 73 patients and 36 staff, our Representative David Rowe posted a meme that feels callous, poorly timed, and misdirected. These people are loved members of our shared community, they are not abstract concepts.

This virus is not political: it does not care who you are, who you are voting for, or what you believe. It is a health issue, a safety issue, and should always be addressed as such. Members of our campaign have been directly affected by this virus. COVID-19 is now the third leading cause of death in America. And while the argument is often said that people die all the time- we do not stand in traffic, we do not swim in class V rapids, we wear seatbelts, we put guns in gun safes, we advocate for yearly medical exams, we get vaccines, we mitigate risk. Period.

Everyone wants to return to pre-coronavirus normal, the evidence is overwhelming on what we must do to get there. The science on mitigating risk is clear. What we lack is political will, not information on what to do. These include: hand washing, physical distance, masks, vigilance, wide-spread available testing, and the ability to adapt to the most up-to-date peer-reviewed information and guidance.

Any member of my staff can speak openly as a constituent just as Representative Rowe’s have done. One does not lose their voice, their agency, simply because they have chosen to volunteer or work on a campaign.

My supporters speak for themselves. They are not puppets. I respect their intelligence, passion, and voices. Likewise, I am my own voice, out-loud and proud to be making “good trouble.”