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I believe in using expertise and listening to people.

Running a campaign is a big project, and there are many policy areas I, with my team, are reviewing. These initial policy statements cover my main priorities. We will continue to review these in my Coffee with Katie zoom listening sessions, as well as in other space and places.

I believe in co-governing: in inviting you, the voter and engaged community member, into policy making. I know where we need to go to make sure Pennsylvania, and the 85th, are better places for everyone, no matter who you are or where you come from.

Coronavirus: Adaptation and Resilience

The economy and health are inseparable: we only fix the economy by managing the pandemic

Economic Stability for Our Working Families

With a poverty level between 10-12 percent in the 2 counties, too many of our citizens cannot even provide the basics of living for their families.


We can’t afford to leave three year olds out in the cold or 23 year olds drowning in higher education debt.


Being healthy, in body and mind, must be a right, not an economic perk.

Protecting and Promoting Democracy

The federal government is currently conducting the census that will determine how many representatives will be allotted in each state.

Voting Rights

Our right to vote is one of the most precious of our rights as Americans.

I have lived in the Susquehanna Valley since I moved here in 1969 to teach English at Selinsgrove High School. For most of that time I have been involved in education as a teacher, librarian and area representative for the Pennsylvania State Education Association where I dealt with a variety of employment issues involving school personnel. I am currently a part time adjunct instructor in the Employment and Labor Relations School at Penn State.

Everyone is affected by the current crisis and everyone needs not only to be heard but to have someone represent them who will work to address everyone’s concerns not just one segment of the population. The current crisis facing everyone has brought several issues to the forefront of my concerns. This is a time for unity, clear thinking and attention to the needs of all the members of our community.

We need leaders who will work to address those needs while  prioritizing the imperative to keep our entire communities safe.

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United Food and Commercial Workers

Local 38

American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees

Local 86

I know Katie for many years. She wants government policies that help business and the people who make business possible, the employees. She stands for fair wages and policies that make employment safe and rewarding. She supports expanding access to the internet as way to make educational opportunities available in all of our rural communities.

Marvin Rudnitsky

Katie Evans brings a wealth of experience serving the local community as an educator and long-time resident. She will take a calm, rational approach to helping the families of the Central Susquehanna Valley. She will focus on solving the real-world problems facing the people of Snyder and Union Counties, not on petty partisan politics. For these reasons and many others, I’m happy to endorse Katie Evans for Representative in the 85th House District.

Jim Knight

East Buffalo Township Supervisor

Katie Evans for Representative
P.O. Box 566
Lewisburg, PA 17837